Resource Articles



Click below to read up on specific topics that will help you with your training sessions, communication, tactics and much more. 


Skills and Technique – Articles explaining and demonstrating the different technical aspects of junior development and how to teach them to your players. 

Kicking technique

Goal kicking technique

Defensive running help

Small scale activities

Technical work – Some extra technical work for players throughout the season. 

Opposite side kicking

Extra handball work


Tactics and Game Plans – Tactical articles, diagrams and advice for all levels. 

Full ground setups

Rewarding the runners

Kick in Set ups – How to defend the oppositions kick in from a behind. 

Player Rotations

Rewarding the runners

Extra handball work

Ruck and on-ball combination


Different Activities – Articles that relate directly to activity videos and lessons plans.  A great place to start when organising a training session and need some inspiration. 

Grids activities

Decision-making activities

Warm up ideas and help

Activities for forwards


General Coaching Suggestions – Other articles that will help the coach throughout the season. 

KPI’s How to set them and how to use them.

Captains – Their role throughout the year

Communication to players

Player Rotations

Roles on gameday

Ruck and on-ball combination

Finals training sessions


Resources for Parents- Articles and topics that would be great to pass onto the players parents to help them with understanding their roles and the development of their child. 

Communication to players