Woodford (Fitness)


Our Friends at Woodford Academy, and in particular Jarrad Kay, has put together fitness plans, specific to  certain age groups.  For your teams suggested training activities, click the relevant link below.  The following is a quick overview of what Woodford Academt delivers in their training programs. Please remember, that these are only suggested activities.  If you do not understand a certain activity, or do not feel comfortable, do not get your players to perform to activity for safety reasons.

“WSSC Junior Academy focuses on implementing high performance programs to junior sporting clubs/schools in order to optimise athletes for peak performance.The WSSC Junior Academy is focused on developing our next future stars. The Junior Academy provides semi-private and private training for athletes aged between 10-18 years old. Providing them with the foundations of the WSSC Long Term Athlete Development Model for future success.  We look to provide our junior athletes with a professionally structured high performance program aimed at developing body awareness and body control, to reduce susceptibility to injury and improve overall sporting performance.Our key focus areas are to teach proper running mechanics, jumping mechanics, landing mechanics, muscle activation techniques and educate our athletes how to look after their bodies to prolong playing career well into their adulthood.”



Click here for Vital Movement Mechnics for all ages.

Click here for fitness program for 8-11 year olds

Click here for fitness programs for 12-14 year olds

Click here for fitness programs for 15-18 years olds.