Warm ups

Warm-Up Activities For All Ages and how to perform them. 

Warming up for a training session needs to have purpose.  Additionally, there needs to be several focuses and goals within the first part of your training session.  As coaches, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve during the warm-up so that time is best utilised, rather than just some throw away time to get your players warmed up. The following factors are some of the goals you would want to achieve during the first 10 or 15 minutes of a training session;

– Players need to get physically ready for the session
– Get your players mentally ready for the session
– Touch the footy and work on closed, technical skills
– Work on good training habits and match day habits
– Plenty of touch
– Coordination and fitness activities




Suggested Videos for Warm-ups

In our video section, click on Warm-ups and all the activities that we have tagged as a “warm-up” will appear in your search results.  Alternatively, click the below links to go straight to the videos.  There are some composite ones where 4 or 5 activities are mixed into one warm-up, and also some individual activities you can mix into your own sequence of drills.