Finals Activities

If your team is still playing in the finals this weekend, well done! 

This email today will go through some other great activities to try this week to get your team ready for the finals.  As mentioned last week, a lot of the activities this time of the year should be focused on team work and game plan. Therefore the theme of the week should be the same as the weekend.
If your team has come of a loss and has a second chance, then the evaluation of the match should illustrate some things to work on this week.  Furthermore, if coming off a win, there still should be an evaluation to highlight the issues to make sure of a good result this weekend.
Good luck this week, and hopefully a step closer to a Grand Final.


PRESSURE AND GOAL – This is a great activity to get players to kick a running goal under pressure.  You could have 4 or 5 groups going this at once.


MINI GRID – As always, grids of all sizes make players think about their positioning and to make better decisions. Use this video as a starting point and move out to a bigger grid with kicking.


FRONT AND CENTRE GOAL KICKING – Finals are about scoring under pressure.  So here is another activity to get your players used  of kicking goals whilst being in a contested position and to get in the right spots.


Active Warm up with Goal Kicking. – Click here 

Get your players moving with a dynamic warm up with goal kicking as part of the focus. This warm up gets your players ready for the session, as well as focusing on kicking goals from different angles.


Kicking Endzone – Click here

A grid style activity aimed at getting players to practice either transitioning forward or backwards.  It’s also a great activity to get players to practice their zoning off or playing man on man.

Offensive and Defensive Transition. 

Similar to the end zone activity, but gets players to work both ways in a continual effort. This is great to emphasise two way running throughout a tough game.  It also enable you to work on communication, spread, and teamwork.