Decision making activities for training

Footy is based on skill and decision making, therefore we need to mix in both skills throughout our weekly training sessions. This email will go through some of the of the decision making activities that we have online for all of you coaches to learn and implement into your training.
Decision making needs to be quick and the correct decision needs to be made.  Setting up guidelines for your players and some audible terms for the types of areas you want your players to pass the ball will significantly help in their understanding of what you want out of them.
Term such as;


– Kick on a forty five
– Handball on a forty five
– In one way, out the other
– Kick down the line on last resort
– Quick hands
– Switch to open player


Additionally, try and keep as many of your points positive.  Instead of saying “don’t kick to a two v one” say “only kick to an open player”.  This will positively reinforce the message, not negatively reinforce it.



Finding Activities 

Remember, if you want to browse all the decision making activity videos, simply follow these steps.
1. Click Videos
2. Click of Decision Making
3. Scroll down and press submit
4. All the activities with decision making components will be listed.