Roles on game day

The main focus of this article is the different roles you can give the people around your team. It’s important that you use the people willing to help in constructive ways. Firstly, it’s important so you as a coach do not have to do everything on game day. Secondly, you can give parents specific roles so they have a focus on game day and therefore, be more productive whilst being at the footy.



Apart from the obvious role of the head coach on game day, we need to make sure your support group around you has specific roles and responsibilities. Defining the roles, we key goals in terms of feedback is important so that the game goes smoothly, and the review of the game goes smoothly as well.  It doesn’t matter what level of footy it is, having pre determined stats or goals impacts what needs to be worked on during the week and looking further into the season.  One of the main roles of the head coach is to delegate these roles and responsibilities, as well as run the main parts of the match on game day.  



No matter how many officials or unofficial assistant coaches you have, give them specific and defined roles and responsibilities.  Some of the roles that could be given to them can be
– Forward, mid or backline coaches
– Rotation manager
– Time keeper for rotations
– Specific KPI’s
– Stats
– Line Managers
There are plenty more roles that could be given.  Just remember that the roles you give out to your assistant are relevant to what information you need to help with the tactics of the team, and help the development of your players.


Parents and other helpers. 
Sometimes we can have parents who really want to help, and maybe need some direction in terms of what they can do to help the team.  To try and avoid too many voices during huddles and quarter time break, give parent specific roles on game day so that they can help in the development and review of the players and game. A great way to do this is the get a small group of parents and give them specific stats to cover.  Split up the roles so that the stats can be somewhat accurate.

Remember, all roles and responsibilities need to have a focus back onto what the overall goal of the team is.  There is no point giving out jobs that will not be utilised.