Full Ground Setups

Setting up around the ground before the first bounce of a game can be very important to what you are trying to achieve.  We traditionally set up in the  standard positions of full back, pocket, flanks, etc.  However, even at a young age we can start to set up in different positions which can have different effects on the game.  This may not apply to the super young teams, but don’t be afraid to try and implement a new set-up configuration at a young age to get players thinking out side the box.  Remember to explain why a certain set up is being employed so players understand how the set-up can positively impact the game.



Plus 1 

One of the best modification to the traditional set-up is to start with a plus one behind the ball.  The key to this strategy is to have an extra player to help defend when the opposition kicks the ball in, and also to promote an extra number when running and linking the ball out of defence.  Therefore, you can promote to your players the importance of two way run, because even though the plus one player is initially a defender, they can then turn into an attacker on the way out.

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