Critical Movement Mechanics (all ages)


Vital movement mechanics


Landing mechanics

  • Double leg landing from tip toes à from vertical/horizontal jump
  • Knees between 20-­‐40 degrees of flexion
  • Feet hip width, toes point out
  • Forward lean of the torso, catch with hands


> Single leg landing from vertical/horizontal jump

  • As above


Jumping mechanics

  • Feet start at hip width
  • ¼ squat dip explosively to jump
  • Use arm swing in unison with hip extension


Running mechanics

  • Run on forefoot
  • Arm swing: open palm butt cheek to cheekbone
  • Knee up, toe up
  • Start by accelerating with a forward lean, fully extended mid-­‐section



  • Hard, fast outward stutter steps into the ground
  • Finish in similar position to landing mechanics


Lateral movement

  • Push off outside foot to move
  • No cross-­‐over of feet
  • Low centre of gravity


Change of Direction

  • Push off outside foot into turn
  • Decelerate into turn
  • Get low and push off hard with violent arm swing
  • -No U-­‐turns